In addition to the regular live music and sessions held weekly The Dubliner is also a great place to catch up on a number of other great sporting and social events!. We show live coverage of the main football, rugby matches and other major sporting events. And of course we are also famous for our great Halloween and St. Patricks Day celebrations.

Paddy's day is on Monday the 17th March but we like to have more than one party, so on Saturday 15th we are having a party all day and all night. Live music from Measca at 9 pm so get here early as its gonna be a busy one.

Here at the Dubliner we frequently show live coverage of most of the big football, rugby and other sporting events on our big screens. So join us for a pint in a friendly atmosphere to cheer on your favourite team, be it iin the Premier League, Champions League, Six Nation Rugby or some other sporting event!

Dont forget we have 2 shuffle boards in Ballys Boozer so bring down your friends or work colleagues and join in the craic.
Please note that we do not reserve the shuffleboards, it is a first come first on basis.

Rugby world cup is underway so we will be showing all the games. Join our facebook page for details and listings.

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